Selling Platinum Online There are many advantages to sell platinum online, by sitting at home you can make easy trading by either selling directly online or through the brokers and if the jewelry is old then it is better to approach the broker to make the sale. If you are a blogger then you can advertise in the blogs and the social networking websites. The online trading is done mostly for the advanced orders so you can have the half payment at the initial stage. There is no fraudulent or late payment and if the order gets cancelled you can get back the money through the agreement. So you can have the safe transactions while selling the platinum online. Apart from platinum jewelry the metal can be purchased I the form of coins as it is a good investment. The transactions are safe for both the seller and the buyer. Check whether the platinum coin is collectible or non collectible as the value of the later vary depending on the stock value. You can join in the forums to clarify the queries about the platinum selling. Then finding the reputable seller is important as there are many fake business people available in the web.